The Puppet Asylum

A 30-minute short film set in Victorian London, this is  the first original commission of this scale, written and directed by a person with Down Syndrome. It is an allegorical horror biopic written and directed by Otto Baxter as a reimagining of his own life, from birth to becoming his own master. The unpredictable tale, straight from Otto’s anarchic mind, charts Otto’s birth as a horned baby in a blood-splattered morgue, through his wayward teens, to his years in captivity in the ‘Puppet Asylum’. Fusing horror, dark comedy, an evocative soundtrack and a foul-mouthed ventriloquist’s dummy, The Puppet Asylum is a macabre story of a misunderstood child on a path to controlling their own life. The film’s stars include Paul Kaye, Rebecca Callard, Myanna Buring, with Dexter Fletcher and Adeel Akhtar, and score by Ed Harcourt.

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